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Thread: Best place to buy klonopin without prescription?

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    Default Best place to buy klonopin without prescription?

    I found this place and they seem cheap, although you have to pay $30 for six months subscription but after that you get cheap meds for 6 months.

    Obviously for one off use and it's an addictive thing. :?

    Europe only i think.

    I also bought generic 10mg accutane from here (below) , no signup or anything required. Cheapest i could find it on the net, about $15 shipping to Europe.,%20Accut ane,Isotretinoin)&T=m

    I'll start this after my IPL course

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    Do NOT give your credit card to anyone selling prescription drugs without a prescription online. I was a victim of identity theft from one of these so-called online pharmacies, but thankfully I received all the money back these people took out of my account. Klonopin is rather dificult to get since its a controlled substance because of its highly addicting nature. Look for a caring physician to prescribe it to you. Explain the situation and only request enough for a week or less a month. It is pretty cheap since there is a generic for it.


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    I'd just add to this that getting a Klonopin script was really easy for me. But, I got it from my psychiatrist. I printed out some of the relevant messages regarding it that Dr. Nase posted on r-s (use the escribe archive) and took them in--I found the messages that described its specific action on the hypothalamus to be clear and laid out why that specific drug is a good one for rosacea.

    Of couse, this doc is a pretty good guy and willing to listen. Also, I made it very clear that I would not be taking these on a whim, as any tolerance build up would just worsen my rosacea. I mean, so long as the doc understands that this is something you take for specific reasons with appropriate spacing between the times you use it so there is on chance for addiction/tolerance build-up.

    But, if you buy the generic, the script is like 13 dollars at my hospital pharmacy. Not too expensive, especially if you only take it a handful of times a month.


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